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XDS Spark

XDS Spark is on your side whether a Buyer or Service Provider

XDS Spark is a premium solution for creative industries, providing a one-stop-shop to meet production goals, and grow your business. With an always-on, global database, you will be able to meet business and production goals in between XDS events! Not familiar with the External Development Summit (XDS)? Learn more

Diversified range of creative industries - game development, film, education, health, enterprise & more.

Opportunity to educate, support and share with the community.

Global access to companies of all sizes, with a low barrier to entry. 

Shared community features will keep the community connected.

I am a Buyer

Finding diverse, reliable Service Providers can be challenging. We will offer a credible and trustworthy source to discover great new partners.

Discover pre-vetted Service Providers, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Find geographically diverse partners to expand your portfolio.

Easily share Service Provider candidates with your internal teams.

I am a Service Provider

XDS Spark will serve as a hub for promoting services and attracting new clients, providing a professional platform for you to be visible to creative industries!

Attract new global clients in the games industry and beyond.

Build profiles that present your company in the best possible light.

Discover other Service Providers to partner up with.

Solutions For Enterprise

Designed for larger scale teams, our enterprise platform is white labeled for your company. Our specialists will work hand in hand with you to build a bespoke solution, uniquely adapted to the way you work, and integrated with your systems.

Contact our team to learn more.

Slideshow Items

  • "XDS has been a true extension to my professional work family. Where else can you receive feedback and validation from your peers, all while building your network with potential new business partnerships?"

    Matt Regnier, Senior R&D Technical Artist, Apple

  • "XDS is where community is made and the industry progresses."

    Summer O’Brien, Director of Product Management, Riot Games

  • "XDS is an invaluable resource for any Developer/Publisher that works with external partners to build their products."

    Philip Knowles, Senior Outsourcing Program Manager, Amazon Games

XDS Spark

In continuing to advance external development, XDS Spark will offer bespoke consulting services to level-up the effectiveness of your organization. Whether you are a Buyer or Service Provider, we draw on decades of experience supporting and learning from studios at the cutting edge of game development.

XDS Spark consulting can help you with:

  • Guidance to Source the Right Partners to Fit Your Development Vision
  • External Development Strategy
  • Company Evaluation
  • Training
  • Post Mortems
  • Due Diligence
  • Insights into the External Development Landscape

...and more!

Meet Our

Sam Carlisle & Chris Wren

We are incredibly fortunate to have founders with over 40 years combined experience with big names behind them - Xbox Games Studios and Electronic Arts.

Together, Chris and Sam have been leaders in the XDS Advisory Committee for over a decade. Their efforts have been invaluable in advocating for and advancing the practice of external development, and helping to professionalize the practice. Their contributions to the XDS event and speaking engagements at global industry events has been instrumental in spreading awareness and knowledge.

Sam Carlisle
Chris Wren

XDS Spark Advisory Board

XDS Spark’s esteemed Advisory Board is composed of highly experienced industry leaders who share our passion for driving external development through collaboration. Their unwavering dedication and expertise has enabled us to assemble an exceptional team.